CIPMO-System a Project Managers Network
CIPMO-System a Project Managers Network

CIPMO-System A FREE Project Management Mastermind Group

A Social Network Dedicated To The Knowledge Sharing And Enhancement For Project Managers.

About Us

CIPMO-System is an online Learning Community a collection of experts and doers and thinkers working together to create a dynamic and diverse collaboration and learning environment covering a broad range of industries.

Why You Should Join Us

We provide our members with Continual Professional Development that provides worthwhile practical skills which they can apply in their life and career. 

  • Keeps you up to date on the current standards

  • Enhances your knowledge base

  • Keeps you at the forefront of your profession

  • Provides new skills

Welcome To The Future

With your assistance we will endeavour to understand and control the future collaboration between the new emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies and the real world experience of today's Project and Contract Managers. 

This system has been set up to assist all Project and Contract Managers that appreciate the value of continual professional development who find it hard to get easy access the right information and are too busy to keep up to date with new ideas and technology within their industry sector.

Contract Management – Learn how an effective contract management system leads to reduced life-cycles and minimises risk.

Artificial Intelligence – Automation is the future. Understand the benefits, learn how to use it.

Project Management – Discover what you need to know about setting up and running a successful project

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